Saint September is Shannon Fulgham and Chris Davidson


While Shannon and Chris were brought together through bluegrass, the music they make doesn’t quite fit the form. Exploring the history of the genre drew them to the harmonies and soulful songwriting of a number of brother duos popular in the era of the birth of bluegrass. The songs Chris and Shannon choose to cover range from these lesser known duos from the 1930s and ’40s to their favorite songwriters of today. They also share their own stories through songwriting heavily steeped in the sounds of American roots music.

The stylistic breadth of Saint September’s music hints at the diversity of Shannon and Chris’ backgrounds.  Classical chorale and Texas roots contribute to Shannon’s musical foundation, and country and honky-tonk have been constant companions throughout her life.  Chris’ study of jazz and classical music in college influence his instrumental and vocal approach, and country music was the soundtrack to a rural Western Washington upbringing filled with bucking hay and weekends on horseback.  For both Chris and Shannon, songwriting is an exciting avenue to explore new fusions of their stylistic influences. In these songs, they pay homage to the great artists that help establish folk genres while contributing some new sounds of their own, and sharing stories from their lives with all that care to listen.
Chris and Shannon live in Seattle, and when not playing music can usually be found in the garden at home, or chasing the sun over the mountains to Eastern Washington.  You can follow their adventures online on Facebook and Instagram.