Saint September’s identity is tied closely to our songwriting.  Musical compositions serve as vehicles for original lyrics, telling stories that we hope are easily relatable, and are in many cases quite personal.  Sharing these lyrics here is an important component of how we want to share our art with the world, and we hope they help you get to know us a little better.  – Chris & Shannon

Cumberland Gap

By: Shannon Fulgham

Arrived into town, the sun’s shining, ninety degrees

Wearing shackles so long, I’m sure there ain’t any keys

Cicadas were singing and thunder would soon fill the air

As I thought of the tangled up road map that lead me out there


Went out looking for you though it was only quarter to five

Guess I just wanted a sign to tell me that you were alive

I never dreamed that you’d leave me here all alone

But as I walk up 19th street, alone’s all I know

Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Gap

I finally found my own way at the Cumberland Gap


The teles down on Broadway kept us up dancing all night

We drank in the drawl and marveled at firefly light

We drove across town to the church of lost souls and torn hearts

Then we laughed until dawn like old friends, but soon had to part

Mary gave us all mercy, let’s keep it close at hand

Filling more nights with guitars, boots, beer, and the Band.

Never stop listening, it’s your only job

And this broken old compass of mine’s the only one that I’ve got

So Long

By: Chris Davidson

It’s been so long since we’ve been side by side, little darlin’

Calls and letters can’t replace your tender touch

This road lost its charm and luster long ago,  my dear believe me,

Now I can’t get back home to you soon enough.  But for now…

So Long, I’m goin’ far away again, you’re always on my mind you understand

I  know I said that last time would be surely be the last time, but

So Long, Dear, I’ll  get home when I can

You said “Wait a minute, did I hear you say you’re going far away again?”

Well I hate to say it’s true.

I can’t take another lonely night so far from home, my dear,

Life’s on hold when I’m not spending it with you.  But for now…

So Long… (chorus)

Coming home’s the greatest thing a ramblin’ man can ever do,

And your loving arms are where I long to stay.

If I never had to leave again it still would be too soon

I can only hope that I won’t have to say, to you again..

So Long… (chorus)